English Version - Lone Bech Publisher and Clairvoyant

Short English version:

Lone Bech, clairvoyant, publisher and painter,
born in Copenhagen


2000 Lone Bech started full time out of Brussels helping people and companies in various countries to explore their opportunities and to decide what can be changed and how.
Today Lone Bech lives and works in the countryside in southern Germany, 40 km north of Lake Constance.

Clairvoyance consists of: Clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and clairvoyance (vision). The messages that Lone Bech is receiving and the conversation which she is having with the Source of universal Love and Consciousness are of extraordinary clarity because they are dominated by hearing , which adds to the accuracy. No interpretation is necessary. What she hears is what the client gets to know. She speaks Danish, English, German and French.

If you have any uncertainty about the process of a clairvoyant sitting do not hesitate to contact Lone Bech by phone.

€190 per hour for a personal session.
€ 380 per hour for companies for the first session.
Special conditions for freelancers on inquiry.
For further information, or appointment arrangement simply call  + 49 (0) 7584 454467

LONE BECH publishing company
was founded in 2002 by Lone Bech.

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Contact: Lone Bech Aueweg 1 D - 88361 Altshausen-Ingenhart Tel.: + 49 (0) 7584 454467 lonebech@web.de